Stinger Flashlight Parts List Breakdown Series

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Stinger® Flashlight

Law enforcement officials design for use Streamlightis stinger. While you may anticipate to get a torch meant for this sort of use, it puts lots of lighting out -the effective xenon bi pin lamp gives as much as 125 to you -Lumen. Plus, it is simple to modify the column from place to ton via the target system. Being an additional benefit, the stinger certainly will provide you with as much as one-hour of constant use from the single cost and is rechargeable. The torch has a 120-Volt AC cost cord, a-12-Volt DC cost cord, two charger cases along with an extra lamp (that will be kept onboard within the butt-limit). The stinger is 7 3/8-inch-long and weighs only 10-Oz.

The Stinger sequence from Streamlight functions Xenon fuel-packed bi pin lamp with place that is variable to ton 30 and column -time lifestyle. Stingers are serialized for identification. The Streamlight Stinger Flash-Light is driven with a nickel cadmium battery that may refresh as much as 1000 times. The Streamlight Stinger includes a compact -in charger that supports in virtually any place. Streamlight Stinger Flashlight would be the machined metal lights that generate a UL record for Course I, two, Div.2.

The Streamlight Stinger is 7.4-inches long, having a body size of 1.08-ins. 10 ounces are weighed by this torch. The contact consists of strong plastic, coated with damage- o-ring, and resistant layer covered. The lighting is IPX4 serialized for good recognition and rated for water-resistant procedure. The situation content consists of 6000 collection machinated plane metal having a non slip rubberized anti and comfort-grip -spin plastic band. The lighting output for this torch is 210m column length and 11 when concentrated to identify - 90 lumens tested program

Streamlight 75685 Stinger Lite Tube Rechargeable LED Work Light System

This is actually the one I've purchased. They end up being very helpful within the storage and maintain a cost quite a long time. They've become the visit lighting kids.The lamps are what I've been searching for aswell from the spouse and whenever we reduce energy in the home. The lamps all technicians to get involved with places that are restricted. Top rotates allowing simple changes open. The lighting continues for 2hours per cost. When the burn-time was longer it'd be good. General lighting that is excellent.

Streamlight 75685 Stinger Lite Tube Rechargeable LED Work-Light with 120-Volt AC/DC-2-Cases (NiMH) Charger. Stinger Lite Tube Rechargeable LED work-light offering ten high power LEDs creates a 200+ lumen ton routine to illuminate a workshop that is sizable and runs constantly for more than 3-Hours. Ultra- design fits into small areas. Rotatable hold-catch enables you to utilize it like a fall lighting. Large-effect, 9-Inch (22.86 cm) light-bar made of strong plastic with damage-resistant layer.

Quick access head-mounted push button change created for life that was excessively long; examined AT-1 million actuations. Aluminum design with barrel to get a sure-grip; contains anti-spin plastic band. Cone: Made Of clear plastic with damage-resistant layer. Hook: Made Of influence plastic that is modified. IPX4 water resistant; INCH-meter impact resistance examined. 3-mobile, 3.6 Volt Nicd subscription-D battery as much as 1000 times. Duration: 19.62-Inch (49.84 cm); Fat: 12.3-Oz (339g). Serialized for good recognition. BROUGHT Cost-continuity sign on charger base. Small, snap-in charger brackets in virtually any place.

Work program functions that are light 8 high power LEDs that create a lumen ton routine that is 220 to illuminate your whole workshop for 3.25 hours
Obtainable should you curently have a xenon Stinger, or in an entire program, Lite Tube Package that is elective enables you to transform it to some Stinger Lite Tube
Ultra- design fits into small areas
Rotatable hold-catch enables you to utilize it like a fall lighting
Large-effect, 9-Inch (22.86 cm) light-bar made of strong plastic with damage-resistant layer

UltraStinger® LED

I really like this torch. It tosses a good column and is really vibrant. I includes great leak and a lot close up. I take advantage of it nearly every evening after I consider out the pets before sleep. Your lawn is approximately 225 meters towards the additional for just one aspect and that I can easily see completely over the lawn because they look after company to watch about the puppy.

With and great run-time the charger that is fast, it'll refresh rapidly. This really is an all around lighting that is excellent. The problem that is only real is the fact that this lighting is really vibrant that you might want to possess it targeted only a little further from wherever your standing whenever you transform on it. The glare within the immediate region could be a small considerably in case your eyes are accustomed to the dark whenever you transform on it.

The Streamlight UltraStinger Flashlight is just a High Intensity, very-vibrant, rechargeable torch having a place that is variable -to- a xenon along with ton column -halogen lamp that'll last as much as 30 hours. Having a useful, mind- push-button, installed change for single-handed tough and operation, deterioration-tolerant components, the UltraStinger Flashlight is fantastic for use at the office or at home.

Replicates the dimension, form, and sense of the initial UltraStinger, and attributes present LED technology that creates a strong 1,100 lumens of stunning lighting along with 65,000 candela to get a significant column; lamps up items as far-away as 510-yards. The UltraStinger LED provides strobe setting, and 3 microprocessor controlled strength settings. Additionally, three diverse user-selectable applications are also offered by it.


Run with a 5 mobile, 6-volt ni mh subscription-D battery as much as 1000 instances; suits Stinger chargers that are current.
IPX4 Scored for water-resistant procedure; 3-meter impact resistance examined.
C4 BROUGHT, shock proof having 50.
FIVE-TOUCH Development enables the option of three applications: Large/medium/reduced with strobe; Large only (without strobe); Large/medium/reduced without strobe.
Custom, manufactured optic optimizes lighting and creates a narrow-beam.
Controlled strength is provided by enhanced technology.
Strobe includes a run-time of 3.25-hours.

Stinger Flashlight Parts List
Streamlight Stinger, Stinger XT & PolyStinger Battery, 75175

Streamlight Stinger LED / Polystinger LED Nylon Holster 75927

Streamlight Stinger Standard Charging Cradle, 75100

Streamlight SuperTac/Stinger LED HP/Stinger DS LED HP Lens/Reflector     
Streamlight Stinger Tail Cap O-Ring 700025   

Streamlight PolyStinger Replacement Tailcap, 760057           

Streamlight Stinger LED Facecap/Reflector/Lens 757047                       

Streamlight NiMH Battery fits Stinger/ XT, PolyStinger, LED, HP, HL

Streamlight Stinger LED Face Cap O-Ring 757036

Streamlight Stinger LED Upgrade Kit to C4, Replacement kit for C4           

Streamlight 120V AC Adapter Wall Plug 22311  
Streamlight Stinger Anti-Roll Ring        

Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight 12V DC Auto Charger Cord 22051  

Streamlight Stinger LED/DS LED switch seal/boot         

Streamlight Straight Wire Connector for Charging Cradle, 22050

Streamlight Stinger LED, Stinger DS LED Tailcap Assembly (no switch), 757049           

Streamlight Stinger/Poly-Stinger Fast Charger Holder, 75103

Streamlight Stinger DS LED Tailcap Switch   

Streamlight Stinger Charging Cradle Brackets Screw Pack, 75911   

Streamlight 120V AC Adapter Wall Plug 22060     
Streamlight Stinger LED, Stinger DS LED Lens Kit, 757051

Streamlight Stinger Smart Charging Cradle         






















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