Magnetic Flashlight Holder

If you are looking for a adjustable flexible magnetic flashlight holder, with magnetic base, barrel mount, flhm, snap on, gun mount, for shotgun so visiting this website is the right decision. In this article we will discuss about Magnetic Flashlight Holder, may be able to help you.

Lisle 70440 Flexible Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base

Lisle 70440 Flexible Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base

Magnetic flashlight holder, this versatile torch owner is really useful! The owner is composed of half spheres caught together so various instructions can all transfer to obtain the best position. Its excellent utilizing two fingers to focus on anything. I take advantage of this every single day within an automotive repair center. Under an automobile this can be a time-saver. While im under an automobile carrying out work I will connect this to some raise supply.

I ought to state at providing you with back excellent your palm, this device is incredibly merely but oh-so useful. Magnetic flashlight holder like a technician among the greatest resources inside your resource is the torch and also the proven fact that you'll be utilizing a ton means you'll be dealing with one-hand alot, but this light owner makes it which means you do not commit moments searching for where to put your torch to provide you with adequate lighting without slipping or moving off every 10 secs.

Magnetic flashlight holder, this can stay glued to nearly if you've a little torch the magnet is powerful enough to put on on just about any position also and any steel area. I've a-9 or 10-inch streamlight which hardly fits in to the hold and that I need to make certain the fat of the lighting brings it along or the entire magnetic foundation is creating contact but I make it work.

Numerous lights have been utilized by me with this specific which factor certainly is common. Be cautious using the more heavy lights since the magnet isn't the best. It generally does not fair on dirty areas, that causes the magnet. Magnetic flashlight holder since it accumulates a lot of dirt that said it's a magnet and really should be washed often. I've fallen it a few occasions as a result of this. it was simple enough to super-glue in position although the magnet turned free of the bottom. Really item that is excellent, for that cost you CAn't defeat it.

Allows a light
The variable bones fold as much as almost 90-degrees in any path
May maintain a number of torch diameters
Having a potent 2-inch size, 50 lbs magnet integral, 7 3/4-inch total size

Brand: Lisle | Model: 70440 | Item Weight: 4.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: 9 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches | Origin: USA | Item model number: 70440

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