Microstream Flashlight: Full Spesification & Review

Some of you men buying small torch that is fantastic to increase your EDC, look. The Microstream may be the ideal little difficult torch to throw-in your wallet until you'll need the lighting and ignore it.

Streamlight MicroStream pocket torch has become better than previously, ranked at 45 lumens. The Microstream is easily lightweight, calculating just 3.5" long. Employing state-of-the-artwork C4 BROUGHT engineering, the MicroStream is light and small with run-time and enhanced result. Streamlight MicroStream includes a distinctive two way pocket cut that may be mounted on a wallet or even to a limit for arms- illumination that is free.
Microstream Flashlight Full Spesification & Review

The Streamlight MicroStream Torch provides a high powered BROUGHT individual security illumination answer that has amazing Micro Optical Methods (MOS) and battery-enhancement technology to get a tremendous-brilliant column. Outdoors and this activities item is created having a lens along with a tough body, which makes it a perfect option for camping walking and fishing activities. The aluminum torch is light and small for easy transporting in the pocket.

They're ideal for any kind of interior examination and EDC. Therefore lighting and little you'll overlook you've it.I keep mine -eyes rim case. It trips securely on the exterior and also reduction is prevented by the flap being an additional reward it generally does not bulk your wallet up.
Microstream Flashlight Full Spesification & Review

I really like the concept that there be such as this you can a torch multitask,the building is well-crafted,and durable! I am a device collector that is huge! From the pocketknife to some torch,to some collector. I really like it!!!! This ultra-compact, very well produced affordable lighting, and really vibrant, has swiftly become my personal favorite torch. It is a method of success in virtually any second that is essential,devices are crucial for the individual requirements!! Ultra Compact design ties in one's hand's palm, easily ties in your wallet, water-resistant that is IPX4.
Microstream Flashlight Full Spesification & Review

Streamlight MicroStream Flashlight Spesification


Range of Light / Distance:

Battery Types:



Battery Styles:




41 m

AAA Alkaline

2.25 hours

1.040 ounces (29.48 g)


3.500 inch (8.89 cm)


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