Coast Headlamps Most Compact


FL11 Headlamp is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable. 


The headlamp comes with an IPX4 weatherproof rating, making it perfect for any rugged environment.


The FL44 brings a multi-LED Utility Beam , best suited for up close work.


One of newest front loaded headlamps, perfect for illuminating large areas with its ultra wide circular beam, allows the user to swiftly change between high, medium, and low light outputs.


Gives you the ability to shine ultra spacious flood beam, quickly turning the panels for the old place beam reach with halo's transition so you can be ready for anything.


The first button on the headlamp gives you the ability to shine ultra wide flood beam, the button second on headlamp allows users to switch quickly to the red LED lights still preserve night vision.

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